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 A light read, tourist guide for not just all that is Niagara Falls, but everything that is Aaron House of Niagara Falls.

You have chosen to stay in the coolest living museum experience, that so happens to be an amazing Bed and Breakfast as well. 

This 70 page book lets you read about what you are looking at, putting your experience at the Falls into context of history and culture. ( And it's the breweries,restaurants and vinyards etc. ) 

Immerse yourself and make htis the trip of a life time. 






For a tourist town, Niagara Falls, 

has had a checkered and fascinating past. 

It owns a unique place in the formation of America, with its ties to Fort Niagara, The underground Railway, 

Erie Canal &  Locks, Tesla & Westinghouse, The transportation of electricity, 

& the electro chemical age. 

See past the water and stand in awe as to all that has occurred here. 



The fascinating & Unique History of niagara Falls & a Civil War House

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$12.50Sale Price
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