This Luxury BnB was built during the Civil War Era of the United States, with its hidden rooms, it has lived through the Underground Railway with escaping slaves needing to hide before crossing to Canada, & the replacement of its household of 6 servants when Tesla's took the world from candlelight to electricity.

It has seen changing fashions from bustle dress to mini skirts, & the change from horse & cart to trolley cars, and watched Niagara falls rise and fall in affluence. 

It stood silent as the powerful waterfall was recognized as a natural wonder becoming America's first state park. 

Now a living museum morphing time, we hope that staying at Aaron House enhances your experience of the falls. 

Around every corner, you'll find hidden treasure and eye-opening facts about the house, the Falls, and America. Come enjoy Aaron House.

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411 Ferry Avenue, Niagara Falls, USA