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For all your planning needs and

a sneak peak at Aaron House down load your copy of the

"Fascinating & Unique History of Niagara Falls and a Civil War House"


The Falls are so much more than water. 

Ever taken a holiday and realized afterwards that you missed many of the amazing things to do?

Well, we wrote a lighthearted book, which you can download, to ensure that you make the most of your time here.

Niagara Falls has been an integral part of the development of America; being a sacred place for the Native Indians; tied to Tesla electricity,  an integral part of escaping slaves using The Underground Railroad; the Love Canal and the emergence of America's EPA regulations; the Erie Canal and so, so much more. 

Here at Aaron House of Niagara Falls, you experience a Civil War property, with the stories and history of all the families who have lived here. Search for the hidden room knowing that in the day, they were used to conceal escaping slaves from the South. 

All this plus more is found in our quirky tourist guide. Fascinating details about the house and the Falls, where to eat, and what to do. 

This unique guide will help you plan and make the best of your time while here. 

the fascinating ad unique history of nia
the fascinating & unique history of niag
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