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So you thought Niagara Falls was just a waterfall.

Then why is it the 8th natural wonder of the world?

I suppose it IS just a waterfall.

Joe's grandmother visited from Italy a long time ago, and after she had stood and watched the falls for a few seconds, she turned, totally disinterested and unimpressed, and, said to her daughter, who was eagerly sharing the beauty of her new country. "It's really just a lot of water isn't it."

And we agree. If you don't stay at Aaron House, it's hard to get a grasp on all the things that have happened in the area and truly appreciate what you are looking at. After all if you want to see water, you can just turn on a tap.

But then I'd say, if you are in America, well that water probably came from here. After all, 20 percent of ALL the world's fresh water is stored in The Great Lake system.

Boring geographical fact coming your way.

There's five lakes. that make up The Great Lakes — Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie and Superior —creating the largest freshwater system on the planet.

Flowing from the left of the map through Lake Superior, Michigan, Huron and Erie before cascading over the falls, down the river further on to Lake Ontairo. And as one of our guests said. "It's amazing with all that water going over the falls, it just never runs out." Well no, no it doesn't, and importantly if it ever does, we are all in serious trouble.

What are we looking at?

When Joe and I arrived, as innocent tourists in the hot September of 2015, we thought it was amazing. Everything that is, from the blue clear skies, hot days, and the refreshing cool breeze from the mist that the majestic and awesome Niagara Falls created. We bumbled around vaguely down in the state Park, hoping to see and enjoy everything, but I'll admit, we did wonder beyond the water what we were looking at. What are the hobbit like doorways you can see from the Observation deck, and Rainbow bridge, why is there obviously very old brick work along the cliff face to the south of the falls, and what are the buildings on the Canadian side that look like old factories? There's bits of metal rods, and obvious old foundations scattered throughout Goat Island, and a truly quaint stone cottage. What and who and why?

But there was a lack of signs to tell us.

Luckily that waterfall is simply so amazing you can totally enjoy the raw power and sheer awesomeness of the falls without any real appreciation of anything but nature.

It is magical.

Niagara Falls has been around for more than 12,000 years, as it slowly eroded its way back from the edge of lake Ontario. For the volume of water powering over it, to me the Falls are moving ever so slowly back, and that is part of why they are so famous.

Many of you will be happy to know. It apparently it not the size that counts after all.

Niagara Falls is by no means the tallest falls in the world. It is dwarfed by Angel Falls which is measured at 979 meters. Our Niagara falls is a mere 51 meters. See I wasn't exaggerating It's appears quite anti-climatic now. So why all the hype?

Well its' also got quite a large area of rim. Comprising The Horse Shoe Falls, The American Falls, and The Bridal falls, all together measuring 792, 323 and 15 meters respectively. And yet that still comes in second in the world next to Victoria Falls in Southern Africa.

When it comes to being impressive we win on the sheer volume of water that powers over the edge. A staggering 2,839,050 L/second over the American and Horse shoe Falls combined. Im not sure about you but regardless of how you convert that into olympic swimming pool or bath tubs filled with water, to me that is just the equivalent of infinity. It is such an enormous amount of water, I can't convert it to a break down configuration that I can comprehend.

Regardless of Joe's Nonna seeing just alot of water, she apparently got it correct. It is an enormous amout of water, and before the Hydro plant took 50 percent of the water flow, there used to be alot more. In fact the water going over the rim is now only .6 of a metre, compared to only 80 years ago when it was a whopping 3 metres deep as it fell over the precipice.

There are so many reasons why Niagara Falls is on everyones bucket list. Perhaps you're visiting to be swept away with the power. Maybe your'e seeking the romance associated with being the Honey moon capital of the world for nearly 100 years since Bonaparte's brother Jerome honeymooned here in 1804. You might just want the healthy feeling you get from being exposed to all those positive ions floating in the air, or it's for the stunning photo opportunities.

But whatever the reason make sure you come. Stay with us and see it from a fresh perspective. Or don't stay with us, whatever floats your boat, just remember to enjoy the falls and spend more than 2 days here. There is actually a lot to do on both sides of the water apart from just look at it.

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